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April 27, 2016

Chickie Dance on Me

Chickie Dance on Me The curtain opened, the music started. I could barely contain my excitement. My past life was suddenly connected to my present life, as if I stepped into my childhood. It was 1974. I was nine years old: a skinny dangly girl, with long straight hair and brown eyes, usually with a smile on my face. ABBA had just won the EuroVision Song Festifal, performing “Waterloo” They became an instant hit, and we knew all their songs by heart. Whenever my cousins visited, we practiced and performed the latest hit song of ABBA in front of the whole family.  As […]
April 25, 2016

Mamma’s Boys

Mamma’s Boys I wake up with a jolt from a soft rumbling sound. In a split second, my “fright and flight” system kicks in full gear. I jump over my husband, who is sleeping peacefully. Next, is a two-foot high baby gate, in place to prevent “MB 1, MB 2, MB 3, and MB 4” from jumping on the bed in the middle of the night. In the pitch dark, it’s a tricky obstacle. My agility, even at age fifty, comes in handy. I grab his collar in passing while taking the few crucial steps to the stairs, sprint up […]
April 25, 2016

Has it all been said?

Has it all been said? Has it all been said? Is that why we speak like that? Is there no other way to express? While we are growing apart no less Human and Kind, that is Humility is what we miss Can we try to hit “restart?” Instead of causing worlds to part And actually care Not point fingers, but start right there With yourself in mind The Human Kind
March 26, 2016

Extra-ordinary People – Tracy from Downtown

Tracy from Downtown It was a blizzard. Nearly six inches were already on the ground and they predicted a foot more. It was freezing cold. The wind was howling. It made the snow feel like hard frozen rain instead. I would have canceled our plans to go out for dinner, but my husband and I had agreed to celebrate my fiftieth birthday by going to one of our favorite local restaurants. Driving home, our car suddenly swerved to the left, throwing me against the window as my husband exclaimed, “Oh my god, did you see that?” I looked over my […]
March 26, 2016

An Immigrants’ Musing on the Immigration Debate

An Immigrants’ Musing on the Immigration Debate The debate around immigrants is heated, and brings out the best and the worst in people. The concept that we want to bring them to our land, whichever that land may be, is noble, and our duty, we think. As an immigrant, who came to this country of my own free will, I want to make sure we all remember that these refugees are displaced people, in the truest sense of the word. They come from horror, and have been through trauma. They are broken people, and before we bring them to any […]