Praise for “Surviving Lasts a Lifetime”

I totally recommend this book to everyone...

An extraordinary story of strength and grace, told elegantly and with an accomplished style that belies the fact that Astrid Hendren is a first-time author. I totally recommend this book to everyone, not just those who have experienced or known those who have experienced brain -- or any other -- trauma. Let's hope this is only her first! Truly, five stars. ~ G. Wayne Miller

Surviving and Thriving...

A heartfelt exploration of a young mother's almost unthinkable moment of medical crisis. She survives her trauma and fights her way back. All that she learned she now shares with us in this brief but powerful memoir.~ William Martin

Astrid Hendren did a wonderful job giving a very real and honest account of ...

Astrid Hendren did a wonderful job giving a very real and honest account of what it is like to deal with life and raising children following her subarachnoid hemorrhage due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Because a brain injury isn't a visible illness others often do not understand all of the pain and suffering, mentally and physically, that someone like Astrid goes through on a daily basis. Survivors of brain aneurysms, avms, and/or stroke will immediately recognize at least some of the issues and feelings the author touches upon. This is also a good read for family and friends, I believe they would gain a better understanding of the emotional impact this can have on their loved one. I have enraptured brain aneurysms that I have had surgically repaired so our stories are very different but many of the emotions are the same. ~ Jennifer

I truly loved this book ...

I truly loved this book. Astrid's story is an amazing story of survival. I can't believe the pain Astrid lived with that no-one would know was going on. It happens to so many people that you don't know what is going on inside people. The story in the supermarket right after surgery got me. My hubby has MS and it doesn't show. People always say, "He looks so good". I could relate to many parts of this book and also was mesmerised by the writing. I couldn't stop reading. Life-touching book. Thank you Astrid for putting yourself and your story out in the world. ~ Louise Olafsson

God's blessing fulfilled ...

An inspiring story of survival from a young woman who suffered a devastating hemorrhage. She found strength in the love for her young children and supportive family to recover. A story that medical professionals and other survivors will equally find interesting. Astrid's will to live and the apt skills and knowledge of her medical & nursing care teams has allowed her to receive her bargained Blessing from God - to live long enough to know that her young children would be okay. May Astrid now enjoy many years with grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. Truly a book that shows the best in humans and the human spirit!~ J. Murphy

Fortified by a mother's dedication and love for her daughters ...

A truly inspiring story of the strength of the human spirit, fortified by a mother's dedication and love for her daughters. Astrid writes with heart wrenching honesty of the horror of her devastating diagnosis of a brain aneurysm. Unwilling to accept the very real possibility of leaving her young daughters motherless, she survives a brain bleed, surgery and manages to recover against all odds. Her recovery is not a "fairy tale ending", as she is left with lingering side effects, including pain. Rather it is the next chapter in her life, that she faces with determination and a positive attitude that will not allow her to be defeated. Although most of us will never face such a tragic medical condition, we can all benefit from this inspiring story, as we deal with the unexpected hardships in our own lives. Without question, the story of Astrid's own experiences gives us all reason to forge ahead, stay positive and believe in the strength of the human spirit. ~ J. Porter

A very inspiring book. Astrid shares her incredible journey ...

A very inspiring book. Astrid shares her incredible journey through an aneurysm at a very young age with very young children and surviving the aftermath and the difficulty of her recovery. A must read. ~ Sandra Schmal

Superhuman Courage...

Astrid's account of a life and death struggle of a killer within Her Own body is a terrifying true story. She also has a parallel mission to teach Her very young Children about life's lessons and Who She was as a Person in the event that She is not able to tell them Herself. The mission continues later in life to make lives easier for People like The Author Who have been challenged and battle tested by the toughest tests that life can throw at a Person. This is a very well written account of courage, tenacity and determination to live and raise Her daughters. Just a very inspiring book. Pick it up and open it and You will not put it down, I didn't . ~ Amazon Review

Life can change in a heartbeat!

As a parent reading Astrid Hendren's story, I can easily associate with her feelings to survive for the sake of her children. A young mother whose determination to be there for her girls gave her the will to survive this unexpected medical trauma. This life changing event shows that surviving does indeed last a lifetime. A must read! ~ Lee Anne Hatch

Moving and Inspiring... a must read!

I could not put this book down! From start to finish, Astrid's courage and determination to not only survive a life threatening health crisis as a young mother but to recover and live her life to the fullest for her daughters is truly moving! Her commitment to helping others through sharing her experiences and her incredible energy is inspirational! ~ S. Judge

A life changing book

This is a beautifully written account of a mothers instinct and will to survive. I think anyone who has had a life changing event and anyone who knows anyone who has had a life changing event will appreciate Astrid Hendren's story. I recommend this book as a bookclub book. ~ H. C. Terry

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